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Service Center


Service Center of Dakeng Leisure Farm provides the travelers consulting services and accommodation registration.

It was built from cypress wood and solid wood, and it emanates relaxing aroma.

After obtaining information of heading the mountain, the mood must be ease up. People always can’t wait to visit the mountain and the woods.


Parking Lot


Tree-lined parking lot, where can accommodate about 60 sedans.


Intimate reminder of Entry

* 農場屬無噴灑藥物,生態非常豐富的大自然環境,正值夏天時期小黑蚊出沒,請穿著長袖褲及做好防護措施,農場也提供天然防蚊液供塗抹。

* 敬請各位攜帶寵物狗狗的家屬們,要將您的寵物約束,因為農場的親善大使,麝香豬、母雞帶小雞、孔雀、白鴿,牠們是未關在籠子裡四處散步的,請大家尊重環境,愛護生命,留給下一位朋友充滿和平的環境。

* 房客寵物禁止進房

* Farm is a non-spray, very natural ecological environment.

Midges are a nuisance during the summer months.

Please wear jeans (or slacks), and take good protective measures.

Our farm also offers natural mosquito repellent.

* Please restrain your pet.

Because the farm’s Goodwill Ambassador, musk pigs, mother hens with chicks, peacocks and pigeons, are not caged and walks around,

Please respect the environment, love life, and leave a peaceful environment for the next visitor.


* Pets are not allowed to enter the room. Please put its cage on the balcony or in front of the door!