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Tasty Map


Dakeng Leisure Farm is famous for “creative local cuisine”.
Especially the “Bamboo shoots with wild herbpotherb”. Bamboo shoots, green shoots are rich in Dakeng.
“Bamboo shoots and potherb congee” is boiled from variety of potherbs and bamboo shoots.
“Simmer green shoots” show original taste and flavor without adding seasoning.
Fusion of western and chinese Food,”Shrimp with Sweet Potatoes Casserole” and sweet “Pineapple, Shoots and Fish in Brown Sauce” are the passional apperance of three precious treasures of Xinhua District.
“Grilled mini pig” and “grilled native chicken” are a the most popular of the farm.
“Fern with Oyster Sauce” and “Fried Vegetable with Egg Yolk and Garlic” are healthy and organic, so they can removes the greasy feeling.
” Rosemary Sausage” and ” Stewed Chicken Soup with Cummingcordia (pobuzihi)” are delicious, and also great Souvenirs.
“Ruby of The Garden” has won the champion of a cooking competition of fruits, vegetables and dessert.
All vegetables and fruits are planted and tended well by grandpa and grandma Tsai with patient and love.
The ingredients and foods of Dakeng are natural and healthy!
We can eat well and eat at ease.


Cypress Restaurant


Irregular shaped tree tumor chair,
driftwood and sleeper wood tables,
will complete your perfect hours of enjoying style meals.